2023-24 Transportation Eligibility Updates

  • Priority is to improve the reliability of district-provided transportation. 

    In a message to families Dec. 5, Superintendent Cheryl Logan, Ed.D., addressed ongoing staffing challenges affecting student transportation. With more bus routes than qualified drivers, Omaha Public Schools’ transportation vendor has faced frequent and significant delays in the 2022-23 school year. 

    “We offer our heartfelt thanks to the drivers who are showing up every day for children. Both we and our contracted partner are hiring,” Logan wrote to families. “At the same time, we need to take steps so students have a reliable trip to and from school in the year to come.” 

    After listening to family concerns, reviewing data and exploring multiple transportation options, our Board has approved the following updates for the 2023-24 school year:

    • Adjusting the home to school distance to be eligible for transportation: 
      • Elementary: from one mile to 1.5 miles 
      • Middle: from 1.5 miles to two miles 
    • Expanding the home to bus stop distance by two blocks at each grade level: 
      • Elementary: from two to four blocks  
      • Middle: from four to six blocks  
      • High: from six to eight blocks  
    • Maximizing efficiency through the number of students scheduled per bus.  

    These home to school distances for transportation eligibility are the same distances used by Omaha Public Schools prior to 2015.

    These updates come after OPS’ work through the summer and fall to address transportation needs. In summer 2022, OPS staff reduced the number of routes to ensure vendor staffing was adequate. In fall 2022, OPS increased payments to the contracted partner to raise driver salaries. Staffing remained an obstacle to reliable trips to and from school. 

    These updates will impact some students’ eligibility for transportation in the 2023-24 school year. Omaha Public Schools is committed to open communication with impacted families. After the school selection process is completed, district staff will know which students are eligible for transportation by mid-March. District staff will communicate with impacted families by USPS mail, email and individual phone calls to families. 

    Families can watch a recording of this information below. Staff also hosted four informational meetings in December for families interested in hearing the information in person.


    “We appreciate the partnership of our families,” Logan concluded in a letter to families. “Every business and professional field is navigating staffing challenges during this time. While these proposed updates may not solve every transportation challenge, our goal is to make transportation more reliable for eligible students and families in the 2023-24 school year.” 


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