South Freshman Academy

  • Freshman Academy LogoSouth High recognizes the important transition from middle school to high school. Beginning in the 2021-22 school year, as all students enter their high school journey, they will participate in Freshman Academy. They will explore careers and focus on skills for success in high school and beyond. During their freshman year, students will select an academy or a pathway at their school.

    We understand that not all students know what they want to do in the future, and that is ok. This evolution of programming gives students the opportunity to explore potential career fields while gaining skills that will be beneficial in their future and lead to high skill, high wage and in-demand jobs. In the Academies and Pathways, some students will find their passion, while others may find something they thought they liked is really not for them. Either way, students will learn transferable skills that will help them succeed, no matter their future path. An advantage of being able to explore these opportunities in high school is there isn’t the financial impact on a family there is with college.  All freshman students are placed on a team at South High.  The four teams are called Explorers, Hollywood, Achievers (DL) or Innovadors (DL).  We encourage all freshman to get involved at South High.  We have a variety of sports and clubs/activities where students can showcase their Packer spirit.

    Freshman Academy Teams


    Freshman Seminar



  • Grade 9 Course of Study


    English 1-2 

    (H) English 1-2

    ESL 1-2 (2 Blocks)

    ESL 3-4 (2 Blocks) 

    ESL Reading 3-4

    English 1-2 ELL



     (Students should discuss with their teachers which level they would be most successful, or which is best for their career path.)

    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra 1-2 / DL Algebra 1-2 Geometry 1-2 / DL Geometry 1-2  or H Geometry 1-2 / H DL Geometry
    • Algebra 3-4 / DL Algebra 3-4  or H Algebra 3-4 / H DL Algebra 3-4
    • Math Essentials (ELL Only)
    • ESL Math Prep 


    • H Physical Science 1-2 / H Dual Lang Physical Science 1-2 
    • Biology 1-2 / DL Biology 1-2
    • H Biology 1-2 / H DL Biology 1-2
    • Science Foundations 3-4 (ELL Only)

    Social Studies

    • H US History / H DL US History
    • H US History / H DL US History
    • ESL Social Studies Foundations 
    • US History 1-2 ELL

    Freshman Seminar

     Freshman Seminar (181301/181302) / (DL) Freshman Seminar

    Required if Recommended

    • Academic Literacy
    • Literacy Skills
    • Academic Language Skills
    • UPass
    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2
    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4
    • H Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4

    Encouraged Electives

    Physical Education 1-2

    Aquatics/Swim 1-2

    ROTC 1-2 / ROTC 1-2

    Beg Marksmanship

    JROTC Color Guard

    Exploratory Dance

    Dance 1-2

    Chinese 1-2

    Chinese 3-4

    French 1-2

    French 3-4

    German 1-2

    German 3-4

    Spanish 1-2

    Spanish 3-4

    Spanish Lit Strategies 1-2


    Pathway Electives

    See below


    The class of 2025 and beyond will declare a Pathway at the end of their 9th grade year.  The Pathway is a series of at least 3 electives in a particular career path.  Students should look through the Pathways that will be offered at South High.  During their 9th grade year in Freshman Seminar, students will explore the various pathways and select a Pathway they feel best matches their interests and abilities.  Students will select one Pathway elective course during their 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years.  Students will continue to take graduation required classes and general electives of interest to the student. 8th grade students should look over the pathway documents to see which pathway interests them the most.  If an 8th grade student thinks a pathway may be the right fit, they should refer to the chart below as a guide to selecting courses for 9th grade.



    Required Elective

    Encouraged Elective

    Audio Video Production

    Freshman Seminar

    Digital Media (130691) and

    Audio Video Foundations (131011)

    Computer Science

    Freshman Seminar

    Foundations of Computing 1-2 (131421/2)

    Dance and Movement

    Freshman Seminar

    Exploratory Dance (070531/2) or

    Dance 1-2 (070561/2)

    Digital Design

    Freshman Seminar

    Digital Media (130691) and

    Audio Video Foundations (131011)

    Fashion and Costume Design

    Freshman Seminar

    Textile Const & Design 1-2 (140261/2)

    Film Studies

    Freshman Seminar

    Digital Media (130691) and

    Audio Video Foundations (131011)

    Fine Arts

    Freshman Seminar

    Art Foundations (110191/2)


    Freshman Seminar

    Photojournalism (020841) and

    Digital Journalism (020451)


    Freshman Seminar

    Any performing arts class

    Music Technology

    Freshman Seminar

    Band, Orchestra, Guitar, Piano


    Freshman Seminar

    Robotics 1-2 (172141/2)

    Theatre Studies

    Freshman Seminar

    Introduction to Drama (022231/2)

    Teaching as a Profession

    Freshman Seminar

    World Language Course

    (Chinese, French, German, or Spanish)

    Web Design

    Freshman Seminar

    Digital Media (130691) and

    Audio Video Foundations (131011)