Elementary School Partner Zone Framework

  • Neighborhood School
    A student’s neighborhood elementary school is determined by their residential address. Please refer to the Find Your School application or contact the Student Placement Office at (531) 299-0302 to determine a student’s neighborhood school. The Elementary Partner Plan, by default, assigns and guarantees enrollment of an elementary student to his/her neighborhood school. Any student who resides >1.0-mile walking distance from his/her neighborhood school is eligible for transportation dependent on the school placement and transportation routing timeline. Distances can only be determined by the Omaha Public Schools Student Transportation Department.

    Non-Neighborhood School
    While enrollment at the neighborhood school is guaranteed, approval for placement in a non-neighborhood school is based on space available at the requested grade and the placement criteria during the application process. Students may apply to attend any non-neighborhood elementary school.

    A student is only eligible for district-provided transportation to non-neighborhood schools within the elementary school partner zone in which he/she resides and lives >1.0-mile walking distance from the school. The elementary partner zones are a collection of seven to nine elementary schools in diverse areas across the school district.  Transportation to elementary partner zone schools is also subject to the school placement and transportation routing timeline and the time of year a student applies to change schools.

    Wilson Focus School
    Any Omaha Public Schools resident or non-resident student in the metro area can still apply to attend Wilson Focus School. Students may apply to Wilson starting in the third grade and an Omaha Public Schools resident student is eligible for transportation if he/she resides >1.0-mile from the school and is dependent upon the school placement and transportation routing timeline. Transportation through the Focus pathway to Lewis & Clark and Burke is subject to the Student Assignment Plan framework at those grade levels. Third-grade applications are available at Wilson and are processed via a lottery by March 15 of each year. For more information, call the school at (531) 299-2260.

    Future Elementary Partner Zone Changes

    • In 2022-2023, Forest Station Elementary is added to Partner Zone 8
    • In 2022-2023, Pine Elementary is added to Partner Zone 5

Elementary Partner Zones

  • Elementary Partner Zone 1

  • Elementary Partner Zone 2

  • Elementary Partner Zone 3

  • Elementary Partner Zone 4

-‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‎

  • Elementary Partner Zone 5

  • Elementary Partner Zone 6

  • Elementary Partner Zone 7

  • Elementary Partner Zone 8

  • Schools listed below with a * indicate parent-paid Pre-K is available through the Omaha Public Schools Foundation.

    Schools listed with a ^ indicate Omaha Public Schools Foundation Kids Club before and after school programs are available.

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