Volunteer Information

  • A child looks at the cameraVolunteers provide the opportunity for families and our community to enrich the education of students. They are vital to the success of all Omaha Public Schools students. Omaha Public Schools seeks dedicated volunteers to carry out various duties ranging from chaperoning field trips to tutoring, mentoring children, assisting with fundraising efforts and coaching our student-athletes.

    Anyone interested in volunteering in our schools must go through an application process. We want this to be a rewarding experience for you. Omaha Public Schools appreciates your willingness and support.

    The steps below outline what needs to happen before someone can volunteer at any of our schools.

    1. Contact the school to discuss a volunteer opportunity.
    2. Complete volunteer application online.
    3. Building principal reviews the volunteer activity request.
    4. Human Resources communicates via email to the principal and volunteer applicant of approval or denial of the request.
    5. Volunteer activity can begin AFTER the approval email from Human Resources.
    6. All volunteers must follow Omaha Public Schools guidelines regarding safe and responsible return to school. 

    We appreciate your interest and willingness to support our Omaha Public Schools students and families.