About Skinner Elementary

  • Engineering:
    Communicate multiple engineering concepts that incorporate the problem-solving process                         
    Build with K’Nex and legos to show how force, energy, and motion work                                                                             
    Explore careers and opportunities related to engineering concepts
    Work with engineers and engineering students to build projects
    Integrate technologies such as Sketch up, Robotics and Power Point throughout the design process
    Use computers to show your work and how you designed it

    Express mathematical thinking and knowledge by adapting a variety of appropriate strategies to solve real life problems
    Experience ways that math is used everyday to solve problems
    Investigate career connections in the area of mathematics
    Learn about money and banking and train to be a teller for The Skyhawk Branch of the US Bank
    Enhance conceptual understanding using calculators, computers, spreadsheets, graphing and drawing utilities, interactive boards, the Internet, video, and other forms of electronic information technology
    Use computers, smartboards and other technology to solve math problems

    Visual & Performing Arts:
    Interpret and analyze artistic content focusing on human diversity themes
    Discover how people from different times and places express themselves
    Explore careers and opportunities in the visual and performing arts through community arts partnerships
    Visit museums, attend performances, and work with artists from our community
    Integrate technologies such as Animationish, PowerPoint, iPhoto, iMovie, Wii, and GarageBand into the critical thinking process
    Create artwork using computers, ipods and digital cameras