Bryan Middle School Attendance Practices and Procedures

  • Daily attendance is an expectation of the OPS District. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to call the school as soon as they know the student will be absent. If the school has not been notified, an attempt will be made to contact a parent/guardian by phone.

    Students who arrive late, leave for a period of time during the day, or leave early for any reason (with or without prior notification) will be counted as absent for the instructional minutes missed that day.

    The District notifies parents/guardians when a student has missed the equivalent of 5, 10 and 15 days. The District notifies the County Attorney when a student misses the equivalent of 20 days, and then the County Attorney decides whether to dismiss, divert for counseling, or prosecute the case.

    If you need assistance with attendance issues, please contact your child’s school counselor or the SSL, Dr. Stenzel.

    At 5 absences, the student attends a meeting with the counselors during CUBS and receives a copy of the OPS/BMS Attendance Policy and Procedures to share with the parent/guardian. The attendance team will also meet to discuss attendance concerns and possible interventions to help improve the student’s attendance. A letter is mailed to the parent/guardian by the School Support Lisison (SSL).

    At 10 absences, a letter is mailed to the parent/guardian by the Student Support Liaison (SSL), and the student's counselor meets with the student. There are no 10-day letters.

    At 15 absences, the parent/guardian is contacted by letter with information requesting the parent / guardian call to schedule a meeting to discuss attendance concerns and interventions to support improved attendance.

    At 20 absences, the parent/guardian is notified by letter that the student has missed 20 days of schooling. The SSL may also submit a referral to the county attorney's office.

    What you need to know about absences - All absences count toward Strive for 95 and your child's attendance record. Attendance letters refer to unexcused and unverified absences and do not reflect days your child has been ill.

Bryan Middle Attendance

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