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    Dear Students,


    As we enter the 2023-2024 school year, we are excited by the changes a new school year always brings.  We serve a large and diverse student body and strive to meet their needs and interests in many ways.  We have an internationally recognized dual language program, the only one of its kind.  Additionally, we lead the state in AP Spanish Language scores and our graduation rate has been on the rise since 2006.  South High has more Susan T. Buffett scholarship recipients than any other school. We also have added Pathways last year to increase the students’ opportunities in a variety of areas.


    Your future will likely involve one the three E’s: enrollment in a college, university, or trade school; employment with a business, company, or organization; or enlistment in a branch of the armed services.  Regardless of the path you take, we have course offerings to head you in the right direction.  We currently offer the following Pathways:

       * Media Arts

       * Performing and Fine Arts            

       * Technology & Data         

       * Global H3* Electives (*High Skill, High Wage, High Demand)


    Whether you want robotics, dance, film studies, or journalism classes, we have options available to provide more opportunities for our students.  It’s an exciting time to be part of South High!


    As you look through this catalog, I ask you to please take a moment to explore the many available offerings.  Select courses to challenge you, steer you in a new direction, broaden your horizons, and ignite your passion. Make the most of your high school years!  South is an amazing place to learn, grow, and succeed!




    Jodi Pesek




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