• Middle Years Program (MYP)

    At the center of international education, the IB MYP at Lewis and Clark Middle School, are students with their own learning styles, strengths and limitations. Our students come to school with combinations of unique and shared values, knowledge and experience of the world and their place in it.  We harness these differences by promoting open communication based on understanding and respect. The IB MYP, at Lewis and Clark Middle School, encourages students to become active, compassionate lifelong learners.

    An IB education at Lewis and Clark Middle School is holistic in nature—it is concerned with the development of the whole student. Along with cognitive development, the IB MYP addresses students’ social, emotional and physical well-being. The IB MYP values and offer opportunities for students to become active and caring members of local, national and global communities; it focuses attention on the processes and the outcomes of internationally minded learning.


    IB within the Omaha Public Schools

    There are two IB programs: the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for 6th – 10th graders, and the Diploma Programme for 11th and 12th grade students. The MYP develops skills and knowledge necessary for success in the DP.  MYP students are academically challenged through a balanced curriculum. Students at Lewis and Clark are required to complete a course for each subject area, including a world language, the Arts (performing/visual), and design. The DP is rigorous and intended to prepare students for success at the university level and requires students in the 9th and 10th grade to complete a range of honors classes.