• Frequently Asked Questions


    How are IB MYP classes different At Lewis and Clark?

    Teachers collaboratively plan units of study that begin with a Statement of Inquiry. This statement is derived from Key Concepts (big ideas), which are set in a real world context. This statement is the driving force behind the unit, as it leads to the development of a real-world, authentic assessment, through which students can connect their learning to the world outside of the classroom. IB MYP students ask challenging questions, learn how to learn, develop a strong sense of their own identify and culture, and develop the ability to communicate with, and understand people from other cultures.

    How do I enroll my child at the IB MYP at Lewis and Clark?

    All Lewis and Clark Middle School students are part of the IB MYP.

    How are teachers prepared to teach using the IB MYP philosophy?

    The IB trains and supports teachers through both traditional face-to-face workshops and online trainings. Lewis and Clark teachers also take part in regular collaborative professional development and work with an onsite IB MYP Coordinator.

    What World Languages are offered?

    Students may take Spanish or French as their second language (Language Acquisition). Once students decide on a World Language, the goal is to continue it through the 4 years of the programme. 

    How is the IB MYP a four year programme at Lewis and Clark? 

    Lewis and Clark Middle School and Central High School have established a path for students who choose to continue the IB MYP track as they move from middle school to high school. Students who choose to finish the IB MYP at Central and complete the Personal Project in 10th grade will have a spot at Central, as long as they maintain a “C” or higher in all 8 academic disciplines. A commitment form is mailed home during the 8th grade year. 

    If I want to find out more information, what should I do?

    If you want to find out more about the IB MYP, please contact Mrs. Lisa Tingelhoff at lisa.tingelhoff@ops.org or 531.299.8980. You can also check out www.ibo.org.