•    Liberty Elementary opened a temporary site in September 2002. It was situated in a former bus barn and paper temporary sitestorage warehouse. The facility, running from 22nd to 20th and Leavenworth Streets, was renovated by its owners, NuStyle Development Corp. and leased to the Omaha Public Schools. Working with acres of open-floor space and lofty ceilings, Alley-Poyner Architects designed a modular layout of classrooms separated by partitions.

       The current three-level building, designed by the Omaha architectural firm Zenon Beringer Mabrey Partners Inc. was completed in August 2004 at 2021 St. Mary’s Avenue.

    Our downtown Omaha location allows us many opportunities to partner with area agencies along the Twentieth Street Children's Corridor. Some of our partners include the Omaha Children's Museum, Drake Court, YMCA, and the Rose Theater. These partnership ventures have allowed Liberty to become a true center for the downtown community.