• Liberty Elementary opened a temporary site September 2002.  The new building was completed in August of 2004.  The address of the school is 2021 St. Mary’s Avenue.

    What Makes Liberty Unique

    Liberty Elementary School serves 650 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade.  Of those 650 students, 63.3% are Hispanic, 15.8% are Caucasian, 14.9% are African American, 1.4% are Native American, 4.2% are multi-racial and 0.2% are Asian American.  42.27% of our students are part of the ESL program.  Our mobility is 28.9%.  The district average is 14.81%.  The Free and Reduced Lunch rate is 77.6% where the district average is 22.7%.  Omaha is an urban community of 390,000 located in the eastern side of the state.  The Omaha Public School District includes 60 elementary schools, 11 middle schools and 7 high schools.  The school community is diverse; the Hispanic population makes up 45% of the total student population, the African American population makes up 14% of the student population, the Caucasian population makes up 36% for the student population.  The mobility rate is 21% and the attendance rate is 91%.  Student on free and reduced lunch accounts for 63% of the student population.