Substitute Information

  • Substitute Teacher applications are currently being accepted. Please visit the job listings page to apply. Please review the three substitute applications described below to select the position you are eligible for (do not apply for more than one).

    Substitute Teacher- The role of a Substitute Teacher is to ensure that students receive quality instruction in the absence of their regular teacher. Must have a current teaching or state substitute certificate. 

    Local Substitute Teacher- In order to be given consideration for a Local Substitute Teacher position, you must complete the online application and meet the following requirements: 

    • Include email addresses for a minimum of three professional references.
    • Upload a copy of your current degree and/or coursework transcripts.
    • Upload a copy of your NDE Local Substitute Teaching Permit (valid for MOEC only). 
    • Do not apply for this position if you hold a degree in education and have (or are in the process of getting) a Nebraska teaching certificate. Please apply using the Certified Substitute Teacher application. 

    Please note that the following are also requirements to maintain an active status with OPS as a local substitute teacher: 

    • Must work a minimum of five (5) days per school year. 
    • May not substitute more than a total of 90 days per school year. 

    Nebraska Dept. of Education Local Substitute Permit Requirements:

    • Completion of 60 semester credit hours of college coursework
    • Completion of a Professional Education Course
    • Completion of the Human Relations Training Requirement
    • Written request from the Superintendent for issuance of the certificate for a specific School District. Requests are only issued to those candidates who have been officially hired by OPS and have met the following requirements: 1. Have attended a pre-hire meeting at the district office. 2. Complete the new hire paperwork. 3. Complete the criminal background check.  

    For more information on obtaining a local substitute teaching permit please visit the Nebraska Department of Education website

    Paraprofessional Substitute
    - The role of a substitute paraprofessional is to provide assistance to both the teacher and students as directly by the classroom teacher to ensure that student receive quality instruction. 

    Application Process
    After submitting all required information to Human Resources including transcripts, 3 professional references and credential file your file will be reviewed. This applies to full-time positions and substitute teaching positions. A decision will be made regarding your interview and if an invitation is extended, we will call or email you. After your interview, you will attend substitute orientation. All hiring is done through the Human Resource office.

Substitute FAQ

  • How do I contact the OPS Sub Desk?

  • What is the Certified Teacher Substitute daily rate of pay?

  • What is the Paraprofessional Substitute rate of pay?

  • When are Substitutes paid?

  • Substitutes work snow days or non-student days?

  • What is a "Vacancy"?

  • Frontline will not accept my pin number!

  • All Substitute communication is through your OPS email/Office 365

  • If a job is cancelled, will Frontline call and tell me?

  • I have been retained in a building but Frontline keeps calling me, why?

  • How does a teacher request me?

  • How often can I work? I want to work as much as possible.

  • Is there a minimum days that I have to sub to remain on the active list?

  • I need to cancel a job--when can I do that?

  • Frontline has called me and school has already started, I will be late arriving. Should I call the school?

  • What do I do if I miss a call from Frontline?

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