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Omaha Public Schools Announces Principal Appointments for New High Schools

Omaha Public Schools announced leaders for the district’s two new high schools, scheduled to open in August 2022.

Dr. Carrie Carr will serve as principal of the new high school at 60th and L streets and Mr. Thomas Lee will serve as principal of the new high school at 156th and Ida streets. Those appointments are scheduled to begin in June 2021. Both leaders will continue at their schools through the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Dr. Carrie Carr joined Omaha Public Schools in 2005. She currently serves as principal of Norris Middle. Dr. Carr began her time at Norris Middle in 2017, after serving as a Spanish teacher and high school administrator.

Mr. Thomas Lee has served the Omaha Public Schools community since 1988, first as a teacher, then in various high school administrator roles across the district. He has served as Northwest High’s principal since 2014.

Facilitated by the Omaha Public Schools Human Resources team, the consideration and selection process included a review of qualifications and a panel-style interview with central office administrators, a member of the Board of Education, secondary staff members and families from the new school’s attendance area.

Both Mr. Lee and Dr. Carr have served the students of Omaha with exceptional dedication and leadership, continuing to do so in their new roles.

Omaha Public Schools will begin the process of identifying the next principal for both Norris Middle and Northwest High, keeping staff and families informed of the work to come.